Pricing That Fits Your Mission.

(Pun intended.)

Every mission you run is fuel for our mission to build the ultimate playground for real-world skill development. Each license helps us craft more show-stopping, mind-bending missions. So, go ahead and use the platform at your own pace and comfort level—consider it your personalized contribution to the educational revolution.

Teacher Trial
Get your feet wet.
Class creation/importing
Access to select missions
Online training resources
*No credit card required.
No expiration.
Teacher Champion
Special discount from standard $350 classroom rate for those willing to help us spread the word.
Class creation and self-rostering
Access to all missions
Standard alignment guide
Full mission analytics
Live chat & training library
Upgrade discount
*Limited number of discounts
School & District License
Make your school a future-ready school.
Integrated class rostering
Access to all missions
Live video support & onboarding
Standard alignment plan
Full mission analytics
Organization analytics
Admin accounts
Dedicated implementation team
LMS integration
*Contact us about our
pilot program

All licenses include:

Access to all updates
Access to new missions
Real human support

Got Questions? Uncover Answers Here.

How much do I get access to with a free trial account?

The free teacher trial account gives you access to all the missions we are seeking more feedback and data on. This is a great way to sample the hyper-engaging missions at your own pace without fear of a looming expiration date. 

When you fall in love and want access to all the missions, we are more than happy to work with you to help find a license that fits. We're not a juggernaut publisher... we are a bunch of teachers building tools to help make teachers' lives more easy and exciting. 

What does a typical classroom setup look like for a mission?

The teacher will connect their computer to a main display that the entire class can see (projector or TV). Each student will need their own internet-enabled device (tablet, Chromebook, etc.). 

Students join the mission using a unique four-digit code, and if they are in third grade and up, they should sit with their assigned team. 

The mission is a dynamic, high-energy experience where students are encouraged to move around the room to accomplish tasks and solve problems.

Do I need to learn a new curriculum to use this?

Nope! is designed to supplement whatever curriculum you use. The only change we encourage you to make is to let students know that what they are learning is going to be put to the test in a mission. 

We are more than happy to provide an alignment map so you can provide links to missions directly in your science lesson plans.

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“The first time we ran a mission the students all began to applaud like you see in the videos of NASA control rooms.”
Faculty photo of 5th grade teacher
Charity Perry

Kindergarten Teacher

“I've never seen anything reach my kids better and generate more authentic engagement than”
Faculty photo of middle school science teacher.
Elijah Thomas

Middle School Science

“The Depth of Knowledge that this program instills in the students is phenomenal and I could never replicate that with a quiz or test.”
Faculty photo of 5th grade teacher
Lisa Perry

5th Grade Teacher