How It Works

Address the Critical Skills Gap in Any Curriculum.

Preparing for the real world should look a lot more real world. (NOTE: actual thing, not the TV show). revolutionizes learning by seamlessly integrating unforgettable experiences into any lesson, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical application. With us, the guesswork is gone. You're not just crossing fingers that skills are being learned; you're embedding crucial competencies right into your curriculum—targeted, measurable, and unmistakably awesome.

Choose a Mission

Embedding missions? Piece. Of. Cake. Teach what you already had planned and let the students know, "A mission is coming. [pause for dramatic effect] Will you be ready?"

Connect Your Students

No obnoxious passwords or student logins to keep track of. Just sit your students with their teams and pull up the mission. We promise—after you push start you won't want to go back to "normal" again.

Launch the Mission

This is a student-led experience, so encourage students to speak up and move around. As the teacher, you provide gentle nudges and guide discourse without giving answers away (i.e. let them fail). 

Dive Into the Data

Each amazing moment when students put their heads together, speak up, and move around the room is facilitated and measured by our groundbreaking technology. It's gonna blow you away.

Make Any Lesson An Epic Classroom Experience

"Each experience is so amazing! I feel privileged every day to be involved with something so cool and groundbreaking!"
Computer lab teacher from testimonial
Taleese Rogers
Computer Lab
"A definite must for the classroom if your students struggle collaborating and stepping up as leaders."
Middle school science teacher from testimonial.
Shelly Marino
Middle School Science
"This program is a game changer for student engagement and critical thinking. My students love"
Elementary science teacher faculty photo
Carly Winslow
Elementary Science

It's Time to Take a Stand

Teachers have battled education's toughest monsters alone for too long. is here to help you unlock the future of learning, equipping your classroom to win the fight and prepare students for tomorrow.

Take a stand dark TINY

Do we dare overthrow 200 years of tradition? Yep. *Cue gasp*

Authentic Collaboration

Collaboration isn't just a buzzword for us; it's our middle name. While other platforms offer "group work," we serve up teamwork so real that you'll swear it's the educational equivalent of a handcrafted artisanal latte.

Collaboration TINY

Inquiry and Problem Solving

Let's ditch the textbook hypotheticals. Our missions immerse students in rich scenarios demanding data analysis, strategic debates, and innovative solutions. They're not just solving puzzles; they're saving worlds and nailing their exams in the process.

Problem Solving TINY

Radical Engagement

Others talk about engagement like it's a spice sprinkled on a bland lesson plan. For us, it's the whole recipe. We're redefining the game: experiences so captivating that students rate us higher than recess. Don't believe us? Just wait and see.

Engagement TINY

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