Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to trade textbooks for epic adventures? We know you might have questions along the way!  Dive into our FAQs to discover how works, what kind of challenges you'll face, and how it can ignite passion for learning.

What is

Forget boring lectures! is a revolutionary educational program designed to transform learning from passive lectures to engaging, gamified missions. Students embarked on exciting adventures, tackling real-world challenges across various subjects.

Imagine shrinking down to explore the human body like a tiny explorer, unraveling mysteries on a far-off planet, or even high-fiving a T-Rex (safely, from a time machine, of course!). throws students headfirst into exciting, interactive challenges where their crew (aka classmates) must work together to solve real-world, standards-based problems that arise throughout the storyline of the mission. This immersive approach fosters critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving skills, igniting a passion for learning in students of all ages.

How long are missions?

In K-2, missions typically take 20-30 minutes. In 3rd grade and up, the missions are designed to take around 30-45 minutes. 

The estimated duration can be found on each mission’s details page and the choices students make throughout the mission can lead to a longer or shorter duration. We encourage teachers to take as much time as needed to help students make deep and lasting connections. To help with this, we built in the ability to add or subtract time, or even pause and save for later.
Which grade levels can play?

Missions are available for kindergarten through 8th grade! We also have a range of missions available for after school, CTE, and STEM that apply to mixed age groups up to 12th grade.

Which standards do missions cover?

Our mission library includes science and math missions aligned to NGSS, CCSS, and state-specific standards. We are always adding new missions to our library, if you have a request for a specific standard or topic you’d like to see in a mission, let us know!

Check out the Standard Alignment page 

What mission should I run first?

When you're new to,  we recommend rocketing through one of our awesome training missions first!

These bite-sized blasts of learning are designed for both you and your students to get comfortable with the platform's features and controls.  Think of them as your personal launchpad to becoming masters!

What technology is required?

To run a successful mission, you need:

  • An Internet-enabled device for every student (Chromebook, iPad, etc.).
  • A teacher computer connected to a projector or TV (main view screen where the story plays out).
  • An audio system loud enough for students to hear character dialogue.

That’s it!

How many students can join a mission at once?
There's no limit to the number of students who can join the adventure!  We love a good learning party.  However, to keep things smooth and make sure everyone has the best experience, we recommend having no more than 40 students join the same mission. 

Now, if you have a bigger class with more than 40,  no worries! We just might need to chat with your principal about ways to split the mission into smaller squads to avoid teacher burnout. Remember, happy teachers make for happy learners (and less grading for you!).
Do you offer training?
Missions are incredibly easy to launch and run, but for those who like access to more training, we have:
  • Built-in library of training videos covering every aspect of the experience.
  • Mission guides for every mission.
  • Step-by-step walkthroughs.

And if any questions come up, you can chat with a REAL HUMAN anytime during school hours!

Not finding your answer here? Shoot us a message.
"Students are fully engaged...working together and collaborating in teamwork-focused ways"
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"Every student has a chance to participate in this exciting and motivating experience."
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