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Embark on the ultimate classroom adventure, where students unite for immersive challenges in problem-solving and inquiry. More than a game, it's a journey—into space, inside the human body, or through history—applying knowledge and sharpening skills, all measured in real-time.





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Illustrated students sitting together as they look up at immersive surroundings that look like outer space.


Immerse students in hands-on, collaborative scenarios

What Is Measured
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Analytics dashboard showing different knowledge and skills scores that progressively increase throughout the year with usage.

Introduce Your Classroom to the 21st Century

At the push of a button, send your entire class on action-packed adventures to teach AND measure what is most important for their future success:

Students working together on a problem as a team.
Students work together to solve problems, analyze data, and make decisions
Scene from a mission showing objects defying gravity with graph readings measuring their activity.
Each scenario requires students to synthesize and analyze various types of data (graphs, charts, etc.)
Students fist bump during mission
As a student-led experience, each participant can engage flexibly in their role
Two futuristic astronauts characters and a robot look bravely into an opening doorway that is illuminated with light.
The storyline of each mission adapts in real time as students make choices and solve problems
Student team speaking and reading in front of their class.
Each mission provides students with a compelling reason to read, write, and speak in order to be successful
Data readings from various fictional planets showing different planetary layers from crust to core.
Missions are aligned directly to state and national Math, Science, and ELA standards
Image of various cliffs from a mission scenario where students have to engineer a solution together using STEM practices.
Students use the engineering design process to create solutions to mission scenarios

Mastering complex skills requires more than a worksheet

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Backed by the National Science Foundation
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Backed by the National Science Foundation

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100+ missions for grades K-8

Illustrated view of a toxic pond ongoing treatment from futuristic machinery.
Kinder | Environment

Tackling Toxins

When the water of a nearby planet is contaminated, students will identify how living things are affected and find a solution.

Standards: NGSS K-ESS2-2, NGSS K-ESS-3

View from a mission of deep sea creatures glowing in a dark underwater setting.
3rd Grade | Science Literacy

The Abyss

The crew embarks on a journey to the unexplored Abyssal Zone of Tellenor’s ocean to study its bizarre deep-sea creatures.

Standards: NGSS 3-LS3-2, NGSS 3-LS4-3, CCSS.W.3.2, CCSS.RI.3.1...

A mission snapshot of a futuristic power plant in the direct path of a falling asteroid.
5th Grade | Coordinate Graphing

Brace for Impact

Using their knowledge of coordinate grids, students will protect their town's power plant from an incoming asteroid.

Standards: CCSS 6.NS.C.8

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